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There is a brand new DGT Chess app for the Pegasus. In the past there was a DGT app developed by an external source. This app didn’t meet our high standards and the DGT team felt that developing an internal app was necessary to match with the great quality of the board. So, we re-built it from the ground up!

The DGT Chess app allows you to connect the DGT Pegasus board to your favourite chess platform, against old or new friends and without using any screens.


1. Completely rebuilt the way the app communicates with Lichess, now the app connects directly. There is no longer the need to wait for a connection. Also now the time setting options are compatible with the Lichess timing options.

2. Improved general app stability and responsiveness. You can start your game faster and start playing chess immediately.

3. Improved detection stability, the board detection is faster.

4. Improved game reconstruction

4.1. The app is much better in handling illegal moves or detection issues. If the board position is corrected, the user should be able to continue the game more easily.

5. Improved Bluetooth connection stability. The Bluetooth connection has been improved to increase the battery life.

6. Improved and added functionality for LED signals/move indications.

7. Enhanced rating matching; automatically connects with a player of the same level.

8. Groundwork for improved interface and useability. – To be finished.

Release Notes:

Software version: 2.0.8 (20-6-2023)

1. App available in: Dutch and German.

Software version: 2.0.4 (20-6-2023)

While integrating new languages into the app, we have experienced some design mismatches. We are aware of this problem and will correct it in a future version of the app.

We are aware of a bug with pawn promotion, which can cause a white pawn to promote to a black queen. We are currently working on fixing this issue. In the meantime, this bug can be avoided by turning on "Auto promote to Queen" in the app settings. (25-4-2023).

Hotfix for "White End Game Screen" problem (07-04-2023).

Software version: 2.0.3 (29-3-2023)

1. App available in: Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Turkish and Russian.
Added setting to choose displaying personal rating at the home screen.
Stopped clock when aborted engine game.
Improved menu options.
Added king check animation to opponent moves.

Software version: 2.0.2 (28-2-2023)

1. Improved connectivity to Lichess and shown error when desync occurs.
Stopped clock when opponent resigns or game ends.
When someone resigns the message shown is “opponent resigns” or “you resigned” instead of “game end”.
Issues solved when playing with the black pieces.
When accepting a challenge while playing as black, the board will be flipped.
Correct first move on games with engine.
Clock is now shown in games against engine.
Added board rename functionality in settings when connected to board.

Software version: 2.0.1 (5-1-2023)

1. Solved onboarding issues for iPad users.
Improved time options.
. Added 5 + 5 minutes time option against the engine.
King's field in app will turn red during check.


  • Access incoming challenges by pressing the incoming challenge pop-up
  • Add retry button for board connection screen.
  • Final UX/ UI refresh and optimization


The new version of the DGT Chess app is finished, but we are always looking to improve our products. We will continue releasing updates for the app and we would highly appreciate any feedback.

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