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Tenemos núcleos de la Academia Nacional de Ajedrez en varios municipios de Venezuela (Baruta, Chacao, El Hatillo en el estado Miranda, Crespo en estado Lara, El Tigre en estados Anzoátegui) y organizando en otros 5 sitios.

Damos clases de iniciación y alto rendimiento, vendemos tableros, libros, programas educativos y relojes.

Featured Products

  • DGT Smart Board has many applications and setups!

    The DGT Smart Board is an electronic chess board with many functionalities.

  • Customized DGT2010 Chess Clock

    To promote Chess in China DGT customized the DGT2010 in the colors of the Chinese flag.

  • Revelation II Anniversary Edition

    Revelation II exists 5 years and DGT celebrates its 25 year anniversary: The Revelation Anniversary Edition!

  • DGT Travel Timer

    New in the range of clocks, the Travel Timer in the color scheme white and blue.

News flash

  • DGT at Fairs in 2020

    DGT presents its products at various trade fairs and games events throughout the year.

  • Revolutionary Chess Computer: DGT Centaur

    Adaptive intelligent Chess Computer Centaur, available now!

  • DGT Product Catalog 2019

    The new DGT product catalog has complete information about all our products.

  • LiveChess 2.2 update

    An important maintenance release of the free DGT LiveChess software, including new features, was released in July 2018.


As a leading electronics and digital company we develop innovative ideas into quality products and unique services.

We take play seriously and want to add fun, fairness and excitement to all games.

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