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Chess Computers

DGT designs and develops great chess computers that take you away from the screen and allow you to sit behind a real chess board to play against a variety of chess engines, to train or to analyse your games.

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Our electronic chess computers

Choose from chess computers that will teach you to play like a pro. Our chess computers are equipped with the most innovative techniques, adapt to your level, generate pgn files for analysis and even let you win now and then.

DGT Centaur Chess Computer

Centaur automatically adapts itself to your playing strength. It gives you a fair chance to win, to learn and, most importantly to have fun!
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DGT Pi Chess Computer

All-in-one programmable chess computer with integrated chess clock that turns your USB, Smart Board or DGT Bluetooth e-Board into your best sparring partner.
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Revelation Anniversary Edition

Amazing tournament size sensory chess board with individual piece recognition and inlaid LED lights to indicate the chess moves.
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