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DGT Pi Chess Computer

All-in-one programmable chess computer with integrated chess clock that turns your USB, Smart Board or DGT Bluetooth e-Board into your best sparring partner.

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The DGT Pi is a chess computer that runs various chess engines on a Raspberry Pi, which is built into the DGT 3000, the most advanced chess clock currently available.

Many different game settings and playing levels can be selected.

The display guides you through the menu settings and informs you during the game, showing clock times, game moves and hints.

Display size: 35 x 120 mm (1.38’’ x 4.72’’)
Weight: 320 gram (including 2 AA batteries)
Technical specifications
ABS plastic (various colours)
2 AA (penlight) batteries for the DGT Pi clock section
110 -240V AC to 5 Volt DC power adapter to power the internal Raspberry Pi computer electronics
Better than 1 second per hour (DGT3000 clock specifications only)
2 years
Int. plug
Euro, UK and USA plug converters for this adapter are included (For other countries, please use a separate AC plug converter when needed)

Take a look

Your customers only want the best. So feel free to view the DGT Pi Chess Computer from all angles. You will be amazed.

DGT Pi Chess Computer (e-Board and pieces not included)

Side view.

DGT Pi Chess Computer (e-Board and pieces not included)

Box and contents.


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