Warranty procedure for DGT Dealers

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If your customer returns a faulty clock within warranty please replace it with a new clock from your stock and e-mail the digitally completed the Warranty Form to DGT. DGT will acknowledge receipt of the form and send replacement clock(s) with your next order. Please safeguard the faulty clock(s) until we ask you to return them.

Issues with e-Boards

If your customer reports a problem with an e-Board please ask him to contact our customer support by sending an email to support@dgt.nl giving us following information:

  1. Type of board (USB, Serial or Bluetooth)
  2. Board serial number
  3. Name of the dealer and date of purchase
  4. Country of residence
  5. A detailed description of the problem, preferable with screenshots or pictures of the board.

We will try to solve the issue directly with your customer. We will keep you informed if the board must be repaired or replaced. Many issues can be solved by the owner with the proper instructions from DGT. Please do not return e-Boards without first consulting DGT.