Chess Clocks

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Which timing option do DGT clocks have?
Our clocks have many timing options. Therefore, we have created a special overview for you so that you can see at a glance what timing options our clocks have.
Where can I buy a DGT clock?
To find your nearest DGT dealer, please consult the DGT Dealer List.
Which 'extra time per move' methods are there?
For more than 50 years, it was standard in chess to play a serious game in two periods separated by a break.
Which fun timing methods are there?
A player's thinking time is gradually reduced while, at the same time, his opponent's is increased.
Can I use my DGT clock for Scrabble®?
Many DGT clocks have a basic Scrabble® option whereby the timer starts up-count when zero is reached.
Can the DGT2500 be used for tournaments?
The DGT2500 can be used for tournaments, but cannot be connected to a DGT board.
Can I connect the DGT2500 with my e-Board?
The DGT2500 cannot be connected to a DGT e-Board.
What settings can I choose from with the DGT2500?
You will find the options of the DGT2500 on the bottom of the chess clock.
How long do the batteries of the DGT2500 last?
With the DGT2500, you have up to 4000 hours of chess enjoyment. The chess clock comes with 2 AA batteries.
What are the improvements of the DGT2500 over its predecessor, the DGT2010?
Larger screen, more timing options, better font, easier setup, improved battery life, bigger and easier to use buttons, easy application of time penalty for arbiter and sleeker design
What is the significance of the DGT2500 being the official FIDE Chess Clock?
It means that the DGT2500 is recommended by the FIDE, the International Chess Federation. The DGT2500 is the oficial FIDE clock.