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How are DGT electronic boards used?

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  • Tournaments and clubs use the boards to show chess games live as they happen via the internet on their website or on smartphones and tablets.
  • Or they are used to register and record the games for later retrieval, publication or analysis.
  • Often the games are shown live to the public on screens at the playing venue.
  • DGT boards are also used to play online against opponents via the internet on chess platforms such as Chess.com and PlayChess.com. There are real benefits in using a real board and pieces.
  • The boards are perfect to quickly and easily set up chess positions for analysis as the board instantly recognises any position.
  • DGT boards are used to play against chess programs and engines.
  • For example in combination with the DGT Pi Chess Computer to play, train and analyse.
  • The computer moves are shown on the display of the chess clock or can be spoken out.
  • The boards are used for computer assisted analysis of games. To improve in chess you need to analyse your games.

For tournament use, club and academy use or simply at home, DGT offers the perfect e-Boards.