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What are DGT Boards?

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Electronic DGT chess boards are accurate and fast chess move input devices. The boards register all moves and record the games. They are used for live game transmission, training, online play, computer play and game analysis. The innovative boards are available in handmade wooden versions and more affordable plastic versions.

At tournaments strings of large numbers of DGT e-Boards are connected to the computer. For stand-alone use at home the USB and wireless Bluetooth e-Boards are popular.

  • All DGT boards have tournament size squares of 55x55mm.
  • The wooden boards are beautifully inlaid Walnut, Rosewood or Wengé.
  • The plastic boards (Smart Boards) resemble wood but are more affordable, lightweight.
  • Unique patented sensor technology registers both the identity (type and colour) and the location of each individual chess piece on the board.
  • An internal memory records the games (stores up to 500 moves).
  • Different styles of handcrafted classical Staunton type electronic wooden chess pieces sets are available, all at official tournament size with king height 95mm / 3.75".
  • The DGT3000 and DGT Echo chess clocks connect to the boards.
  • Free DGT LiveChess software is included for live broadcasting of games via the internet.