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Does RabbitPlugin work on a Mac OS?
The RabbitPlugin driver is designed for a Windows platform only and used as a portal between the e-Board and programs like Fritz, Chessbase, Arena, etc. There is no option to use the e-Board directly under Mac OS.
Should I use the 32 or 64 bit version of the DGT RabbitPlugin?
From 2013 more and more Chess applications became available that are running on a 64 bit Microsoft Windows version. To find out which bit version the program is designed for, please check the technical details of the chess program you want to use.
How can I merge two or more PGN files into one PGN file?
I have several games in different PGN files and I want them published as a single PGN file. This is how to create it: Open one PGN in a text editor and copy all information to the clipboard.
How can I retrieve stored games from the memory of my board?
To retrieve the stored games and upload them to a chess program or for educational purposes, please use the latest version of LiveChess.