DGT celebrates its 30th anniversary

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On Friday June 30th, more than 150 people gathered to celebrate our 30th anniversary. On this special occasion we welcomed customers, suppliers, friends and family. Hans Böhm, famous chess player and journalist, conducted the ceremony and shared anecdotes about chess and DGT.

We were honored by the presence of the mayor of Enschede, Roelof Bleker, who came to cut the ribbon and officially inaugurate our new headquarters. He spoke passionately about his relationship with the company as he also opened the previous DGT building 15 years ago.

Bianca de Jong-Muhren, chairman of the Royal Dutch Chess Federation, spoke about the importance of DGT for the international chess world. The Dutch Federation celebrates its 150th anniversary and is the oldest Chess Federation in the world.

Guests had the opportunity to tour the facilities and learn more about DGT. Our CEO and owner of the company, Hans Pees, spoke about the past, present and future and raised a toast to the DGT team.

The DGT story, from idea to product to global standard started in 1993 when the first digital chess clock was developed. In 1994 we signed the first contract with the World Chess Federation FIDE to supply the official FIDE chess clock. Since then electronic DGT chess boards were released in 1998 to enable live broadcasting of games via the internet, modern chess computers were developed and various other chess products were made by DGT who is now the top global chess brand.