DGT & Chess.com connecting OTB and Online Chess

Online options to play, learn and enjoy chess just got better now that DGT boards and pieces can be used to make your moves on Chess.com.

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Chess.com is the world’s largest online chess platform where each day many millions of games are played. Simply connect the USB or Bluetooth DGT board to your computer or laptop, get online at Chess.com and join the fun! No need to use a mouse and cursor to input your moves or to slide your finger across a screen: just make your moves with real pieces on a real board for the perfect online chess playing experience. Sign up as a member of the Chess.com community or set up a free user account to immediately start playing with your DGT board. On Chess.com you will always find opponents at your level from all over the world to play with.

"Giving our members the ability to link their DGT boards to Chess.com's LiveChess interface provides a new dimension of interactivity that is both unique and immersive. Now, players can enjoy the streamlined convenience of Chess.com with the top-level craftsmanship of DGT to experience chess like never before. We consider this capability to be a true value add for our members and have seen an overwhelmingly positive response from our community!" - Chess.com

Check out the DGT club at Chess.com.

Available on all operating systems

To use your DGT board download the free DGT LiveChess software that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. It allows you to broadcast your games live via the internet using the free DGT Cloud Service. But now also use it to connect with Chess.com and get the most out of your e-Board or Smart Board. And get the most out of Chess.com too! Compatible with PC’s and Apple computers.

For instructions on how to connect your DGT board for play on Chess.com, please see this video by Chess House. It also demonstrates how to enable voice move announcements.

Over the board (OTB) meets online

Traditionally chess is played with a real board and pieces and with your opponent sitting right across from you on the other side of the board. But chess is also very suitable for online play because chess positions can easily be shown on a screen. And an online opponent is never far away. Nowadays a fantastic online chess world exists offering training, tournaments, tactics puzzles, live commentary, streaming, entertainment and much more. Playing chess with a real board and pieces is however still the most natural way to experience and enjoy the depth of the game in all its power and beauty. It makes you think about the moves in a slower and more thorough way and gives a deeper understanding of the game. It is a much more active and instructive way of learning compared to doing the same thing on-screen.

Using a real board leads you to ask important and relevant questions about the position and makes you more aware of the game because you see, touch, feel and even smell the pieces and the moves. And to improve in chess, you need to use all your senses! Playing online with all of your chess friends from all over the world on a real DGT board enriches your experience and is beneficial to your chess development. Serious players use DGT. Of course, it is also a lot of fun!