DGT Revelation II is celebrating its 5th anniversary

Revelation II exists 5 years and DGT celebrates its 25 year anniversary with the Revelation Anniversary Edition!

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For this occasion we release a significant upgrade of the Revelation II: the Revelation Anniversary Edition. The great new Revelation Anniversary Edition includes:

  • A new and faster processor: Multi core, 1.0 GHz.
  • An increased ELO of 3000+
  • New and improved engines including:
    • Komodo
    • Update Hiarcs and Shredder
    • Many extra Open Source Engines
  • Optional: Retro Emulation Sofware extenden with De Koning and Schröder Engines.

Upgrades possible

Existing Revelation II and the Retro Emulation Software can be upgraded, using separately available upgrade packages. These upgrade packages can be purchased at all recognized DGT dealers. The upgrade was developed by Phoenix Chess Systems and Digital Game Technology.