DGT signed a 5-year contract with the IBCA

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DGT is happy to announce that we have signed a 5-year contract with the International Braille Chess Association (IBCA). The mission of the IBCA is to enhance social integration of blind and visually impaired children and adults through the game of chess. In 2020 we released the DGT Echo, a speaking chess clock that was designed to meet the needs of the blind and visually impaired chess players.

Our goal producing the DGT Echo is to make chess more accessible to every player. With the help of the IBCA, we are committed to facilitate access to our talking clock to the members of their association in all countries. This collaboration is possible thanks to the efforts of Dr. Charudatta Jadhav, former president of the IBCA. Together, we also intend to make the Echo the standard clock used in the official IBCA competitions.

Visually impaired players, use their own small tactile board with raised black squares and recessed ones for white squares. Chess pieces have pegs to fit into the board's holes, with black pieces further distinguished by a pin on top. This way a blind player can feel the board and pieces to help visualise the position. Players announce moves verbally using standard algebraic notation and can record moves using Braille notation. The game's rules remain unchanged from standard chess, and players can compete in IBCA tournaments or against sighted opponents using two separate boards.

The DGT Echo chess clock, at the touch of a button, informs players verbally of their own remaining time or their opponent's remaining time. The high contrast between the lever and the clock helps those players with reduce visibility to keep track of turns. The DGT Echo has braille on the buttons and an audio manual. These characteristics make the clock the perfect tool to be used in Braille chess.

DGT is confident that our collaboration with the IBCA will be a success and we hope to continue to make the world of chess more open and approachable to all players.

To learn more about the IBCA, visit their website.

Hans Pees (DGT CEO), Dr. Charudatta Jadhav (former president of the IBCA), Stephanie Beldhuis (DGT Managing Director)