FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022

This year (2022) India hosted the 44th chess Olympiad, the largest live broadcast chess tournament ever held. With 660 Smart Boards, 1,737 participants and representatives of 185 nations, DGT feels proud to have supported the organization and players.

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Coming together with people who share our same passion is always a joyful occasion. The smooth live broadcast that the tournament had this year made it possible to share the event with more chess enthusiasts. From DGT we would like to congratulate the organization and our DGT operators for their hard work and outstanding results.

Events like these are always a great opportunity to bring our brand closer to the people around the world. In this case the Indian DGT Dealers did a great job sharing our products and vision with the attendees. We are committed to supply the best technology to chess tournaments to guarantee the best results possible and we hope to continue to do so in many more competitions.

About the FIDE Chess Olyimpiad 2022

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