Hello next generation DGT e-Boards

After 20+ years we are saying goodbye to the old serial connections on our wooden tournament boards, and saying hello to our next generation e-Boards that are faster, smarter, easier to use and future proof.

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Main improvements

  1. Tournament e-Boards now have user-friendly USB-C connections (same as on the plastic Smart Boards).
  2. USB e-Boards now also come with the modern symmetric USB-C connections.
  3. Increased detection speed and smart scanning.
  4. Much lower energy use.

The increased speed and stability of DGT piece recognition gives an even higher quality of recording and broadcasting games. The side connector plate has been modernized, but the beautiful wooden exterior of the boards is unchanged.


  • New boards connect together with existing serial e-Boards and Smart Boards for tournaments.
  • The DGT3000, DGT Echo, DGT Pi and DGT XL chess clocks connect with the boards.
  • Compatible with all electronic DGT pieces sets.
  • The free DGT LiveChess software is fully compatible with the new boards.
  • DGT's wireless connection system (under development) is compatible with the new boards (existing e-Boards can easily be adapted at low cost).

Other benefits

  • The USB-C connection is neat and takes up less space on the table.
  • No price increase.
  • Upgraded e-Boards are equally suitable for use at tournaments and at home, just like the Smart Boards.
  • For tournament use, the boards continue to be supplied in a strong canvas bag. Just add the required tournament cables.
  • For home use, the board is supplied in the Gift Box as usual with all accessories included.