New: Centaur Crystal Edition

DGT launches a special edition of the DGT Centaur for the holidays. Do you or your loved ones love chess and technology? Then this special chess board is the perfect gift.

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A clear case

If you already like the DGT Centaur and the technology behind it, then you will love the DGT Centaur Crystal Edition. It has all the functionality you are used to from the classic DGT Centaur, but we have made the casing of this chess computer completely transparent. This allows you to see exactly the technology that provides an experience as if you were playing against a human opponent.

Adapts to playing strenght

From the moment a player makes his first move, the DGT Centaur Crystal Edition automatically adapts to his playing strength. Thanks to the sensor board, players can move their chess pieces in a natural way. This chess computer gives players a fair chance to win and at the same time teaches them to improve their game.


  • Transparent housing
  • Automatically adapts to playing strength
  • Sensor board 40x40 cm
  • Circular LED lights indicate the moves
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Weighted chess pieces
  • e-Paper display

More information and ordering

Want to know more about the special DGT Centaur Crystal Edition or make an order? Dealers can contact DGT. Chess lovers are welcome to visit our dealers or our webshop.