A quantum leap for online chess

DGT has released a new digital chess board that will revolutionise the way people play chess online. Discover the first real chessboard dedicated to online play.

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It’s online chess, but played on a physical chessboard that shows your opponent's moves with circles of light. There is no need to use a screen to see your opponent’s moves. It's as if your opponent (possibly on the other side of the world) is sitting right in front of you. Meet the Pegasus chess board.

Play online chess with anyone in the world. No mouse, no screens, just a board.

Thanks to Pegasus, the use of screens while playing online chess is a thing of the past. The opponent's moves appear on the board with a bright circle of light. Chess players can therefore just keep their eyes on the board and are no longer distracted by having to switch from 3D to 2D perspective every time.

How does it work?

The Pegasus player places the chess pieces on the board and finds an opponent from a 100.000+ real opponents through the DGT Chess app. After the opening move has been made, the opponent's move is indicated by a circle of light on Pegasus. The Pegasus player moves the opponents chess piece to the field with the light circle. The Pegasus is now ready for a new move.

Practical and safe play

The moves of players are automatically saved by Pegasus in a downloadable PGN file, so that the game can be replayed and analysed afterwards. Do you want to know more? Then look at the product page about Pegasus.

Availability and orders

The Pegasus is suitable for home use, but can also be used at (youth) chess clubs. Order your Pegasus at your local DGT dealer or go to the DGT shop.