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DGT Cube 6-Player Game Timer

The DGT Cube is a six sided game timer suitable for any table top game or board game with up to six players.

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With the DGT Cube 6-Player Game Timere Each player has its own clock to keep track of his or her time. There are five different timing options such as counting down the allotted time per game or counting down the time per move.

Whether it is a competitive game at the club or a friendly game at home, the DGT Cube adds fun, fairness and excitement to any game.

Product features:

  • For six players.
  • Individual timer for different skills players.
  • Ideal for families.
  • Easy menu.
  • Colourful design.
Size: 68 x 68 x 68 mm
Display size: 36 x 27 mm
Technical specifications
2 x button cell (LR44, 1,5 volt )
Within 1 second per hour
ABS plastic
White + one colour per player
EU directives
2004/108/EC, 2002/95/EC & EN62115:2005
2 years

Equipped with a motion sensor

A motion sensor ensures that only the clock facing upwards is running. Simply turn a different side up and the next player's clock will automatically start to run. Place the Cube in its base to pause all clocks and interrupt the game for example when disputing a word in a game of Scrabble.

Timing options

The DGT Cube has five different timing options:

  • Game timer option: each player has the same amount of time to complete the whole game; each time a player's clock is faced upwards his clock will continue counting down.
  • Move timer option: each player has the same amount of time to complete each turn or move; at the start of each turn each player again receives the same amount of time in which to complete the move.
  • Move timer + save option: as in the move timer option each player receives the same amount of time at the start of each turn, but in addition with the move timer save option all time a player has not used on its previous moves is saved and carried on to the next move. This option allows players to save unused time and build up a buffer to be used when needed. For example in a game of Rummikub when a move may simply consist of picking up another tile all unused time is saved for use at a later stage when a player may want to spend more time to think about his move.
  • Up count option: each player's clock records the total time a player is using for all his moves; each time a player's clock is faced upwards his clock will continue the up count.
  • Move counter option: each time a player's clock is faced upwards his counter adds one move to his total number of moves.

Take a look

Your customers only want the best. So feel free to view the Cube 6-Player Game Timer from all angles. You will be amazed.

Cube 6-Player Game Timer

Other side view

Cube 6-Player Game Timer

Side view


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