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DGT Travel Timer

The revolutionary DGT Travel Timer chess clock is a great gadget for any chess player to easily take with you on holiday or on a trip.

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Timing options

The DGT Travel Timer has move timer, game timer options and includes bonus and delay settings, with a random Chess960 generator.

This unique foldable pocket timer is the first chess clock with a random Chess960 generator. Simply press the 960 button and a randomly chosen Chess960 starting position will be shown on the display.

Next to classical chess, Chess960 is the only other form of chess that is officially recognized by the International Chess Federation FIDE.

Product features:

  • Large display for easy viewing.
  • Bonus and delay timing included.
  • Generate random Chess960 starting positions.
  • Easy to set.
  • Visit the clock guide to learn all about the timing options.
Housing size: 140 x 66 x 25 mm
Display size: 3 x 12 cm (1.06” x 7.72”)
Clock Weight: 142 gram (5 oz.)
Technical specifications
Button cell battery CR2032 (3V)
Better than 1 second per hour
ABS plastic
Blue and white
EU directives
2014/30/EU and 2011/65/EU
2 years
Option Timing method Basic time / Extra times(s)
01 Move Timer
02 Game Timer
03 Delay
04 Bonus
05 Scrabble™
06 US-Delay

Take a look

Your customers only want the best. So feel free to view the DGT Travel Timer from all angles. You will be amazed.

DGT Travel Timer

Front view.


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