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DGT1005 Byo-yomi Timer

The high quality DGT1005 Byo-yomi timer is a clock especially designed for the ancient games Shogi and Go.

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Shogi and Go players love the DGT1005 Byo-yomi game timer because it has a beautiful design, it is very affordable and it is easy to set and to use.

Simply set the game time, set the Byo-yomi period time and the number of Byo-yomi periods (from 0 up to 9) and start the clock. It has a clear display which makes it easy to check your time in the blink of an eye with has a clear indication which player’s clock is running.

DGT developed the DGT1005 Byo-yomi timer as an affordable but very suitable and attractive alternative to more expensive Go timers. Check out the new DGT1005 Byo-yomi timer for Go and Shogi at your local DGT dealer.

It is perfect for games at tournaments, the club or your casual Shogi or Go game at home. Without the hassle of needing to go through complicated menus, you will be set and ready for another game in no time. The DGT1005 Byo-yomi uses beeping sounds to indicate the intervals, with a long beep towards the end of the period in similar fashion of the calling out of seconds in traditional Go timing.

Technical specifications
One AA battery (included)
2 year warranty

Take a look

Your customers only want the best. So feel free to view the DGT1005 Byo-yomi Timer from all angles. You will be amazed.

DGT1005 Byo-yomi Timer (for Go)

Front view.

DGT1005 Byo-yomi Timer (for Go)

Side view.


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