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DGT Chess Starter Box Grey

This Chess Starter Box includes a double folded chess board and high quality weighted DGT Plastic Chess Pieces with King height 86mm.

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The board is a made from laminated cardboard with square size 50x50mm.

King height: 86 mm / 3.3"
Board size: chess board with square size 50 x 50 mm / 2" x 2"
Technical specifications
Chess board
Two-way folded laminated cardboard
Chess pieces
High quality weighted plastic DGT chess pieces.

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Your customers only want the best. So feel free to take a look at the DGT Chess Starter Box Grey. You will be amazed.

DGT Chess Starter Box Grey (Pieces & Board)

Gift box, chess pieces and board.

DGT Chess Starter Box Grey (Pieces & Board)

Gift box.


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