Watch out for fake emails

There are scammers active who send e-mails to you in our name. They make it look as if they are working for DGT and even use names that resemble those of our collegues.

The scammers may ask you questions about outstanding payments. If you respond they will ask you to use a new, different bank account (THEIR BANK ACCOUNT) for the payment. Please note:


Do not let yourself be persuaded to transfer money to another bank account! Only use our existing bank account.

Typical scam message

The image below is a typical example of an email from a scammer.

email with writing in blue letters with dgt logo

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this form of SPAM, so we ask you all to be vigilant. If you have any doubts about an e-mail, do not engage in communication. Please forward the message to DGT. This can be done to one of the e-mail addresses you know, e.g. or Or give us a call. We will then verify the e-mail together.