About DGT chess clocks and game timers

DGT encourages players to experiment with the different methods offered by our game timers. It will certainly add an extra dimension to your favourite sport or game. Read more about the DGT chess clocks and their features.

Which timing options do DGT clocks have?

DGT clocks offer many different methods for the timing of a game. While several methods are well-known, others may be less familiar. Some of these methods have been in use for a long time; others are the result of the possibilities offered by modern electronics. Each timing method has its own charm and each has a different influence on the manner in which a sport is experienced.

  • Blitz 5 min per person
  • Delay 3 min + sec
  • Bonus
  • Chess960

Find the perfect clock for your game

DGT has a wide range of digital clocks to time your game with great precision. That is why we have created an overview to help you choose the perfect clock for your game.

Clock Guide

DGT's most famous clocks

Meet our most famous and frequently purchased clocks.


DGT2010, the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation FIDE. The DGT2010 was introduced in 2007 and received the status of "Official FIDE Chess Clock" in June 2008 after tests by four top-level arbiters concluded that the clock is in full accordance with all FIDE rules and regulations.

The DGT2010 is suitable for use with many games and it has Japanese and Canadian Byo-yomi settings for the game Go or Baduk. Some features of the DGT2010 were changed in November 2010 to comply with popular timing systems. The main differences between the new model DGT2010 (sometimes called DGT2010SG - Second Generation) and the previous version are:

  • The front buttons are dark blue instead of red.
  • For every manual option, the last setting is automatically saved. Even after switching off the timer or using other options this setting is saved;
  • Options for Scrabble™ are added.
  • Bronstein delay with multiple time controls can be set.
  • In Canadian Byo-yomi the extra time can be added automatically after the required number of moves.
  • Some preset times were amended to more popular settings.


The DGT3000 was launched in October 2014 and is DGT's most advanced chess clock. It has many great new features and in addition connects with all DGT e-Boards. Simply the best and in full accordance with FIDE rules and regulations.

The DGT3000 replaces the DGT XL and has many new features.

  • Seconds are always shown from the start.
  • Much larger display with more information.
  • 25 pre-set timing systems.
  • 5 slots for customized settings.
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty!
  • US delay and Bronstein delay.

DGT Echo

DGT Echo is specially developed for blind and visually impaired players. It is the audio version of the widely used DGT3000 chess clock and has these extra advantages:

  • All settings and clock times are spoken in the English language.
  • Striking color combination designed to suit visually handicapped players.
  • Braille buttons and audio Quick Guide for ease of use.
  • Two earplugs included; clock sound levels adjustable for each player.
  • The DGT3000 is approved by the International Chess Federation FIDE and can connect to electronic DGT e-Boards.

DGT Travel Timer

The DGT Travel Timer has move timer, game timer options and includes bonus and delay settings, with a random Chess960 generator. This unique foldable pocket timer is the first chess clock with a random Chess960 generator. Simply press the 960 button and a randomly chosen Chess960 starting position will be shown on the display.

The revolutionary DGT Travel Timer chess clock is a great gadget and the perfect gift item for any chess player or timer to easily take with you on holiday or on a trip.

  • Large display for easy viewing.
  • Bonus and delay timing included.
  • Generate random Chess960 starting positions.
  • Easy to set.