About DGT tournament e-Boards

Tournament e-Boards are used at Chess Olympiads, World Chess Championships and all major chess tournaments around the world to show the games live as they happen. Also many smaller tournaments use the boards to show games live on their tournament website.

The difference between USB/Bluetooth e-Boards and Tournament e-Boards

The difference is that Tournament e-Boards can be connected together in strings for a tournament. A string of Tournament Boards connects to the serial or USB port of the computer or laptop. Using the free DGT LiveChess software that runs on Windows, MAC or Linux computers, games on all the boards can be recorded or broadcast live.

DGT LiveChess

To live broadcast your tournament online, LiveChess software is required. You can download it for free on your PC. Showing live games attracts more visitors to your website and makes it easier to find sponsors. DGT LiveChess software is used to manage the Boards and arrange the live transmission of games in real time via the internet or on screens at the playing venue.

e-Board versions

Wooden Tournament e-Boards are available in Walnut, Rosewood or Wengé. The plastic version of the Tournament Board, the so called Smart Boards, are an affordable and lightweight alternative that is fully compatible as Wooden en plastic boards can easily be connected together in one string.

Indices on e-Boards

Walnut boards do not have indices but Rosewood and Wengé boards do. The Smart Boards are available both with or without indices. To complement the boards any of the DGT electronic chess pieces sets can be used.

two square black bags with top handles dgt logo printed in white

Standard e-Board supply method

Wooden Tournament e-Boards are standard supplied in a custom made e-Board Storage Bag. The plastic Smart Board version is supplied in an economical giftbox.

Connection options

Nowadays all DGT Tournament Boards are supplied with modern USB-C connections. This fourth generation of DGT e-Boards has increased scanning capability and very low energy use.