Why can't I win from the DGT Centaur?

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The DGT Centaur is a chess computer that adapts itself to your playing strength. Sometimes the basic level of the DGT Centaur does not fit novice chess players, making winning a bit more challenging. In that case, we have a few suggestions that should make it absolutely possible to win from the DGT Centaur.

  • You can manually adjust the playing strength in the menu to Friendly.
  • Use the hint button [?] to see succesful moves in advance.
  • The DGT Centaur allows players to withdraw a move when in doubt.
  • Our booklet Rules of Chess can help you master the fundamentals of chess even better.

If you are not a novice player and/or still are unable to defeat the DGT Centaur, please contact the DGT support department.