Why do the Bluetooth LED lights turn red while charging?

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Normally when you are charging your DGT Bluetooth e-board, the LED should be orange during charging and turn to green when the battery is fully charged.

Do note that a retractable or low-cost USB cable is NOT suitable to charge the DGT Bluetooth board. A qualified USB cable with a maximum length of no more than 2 meter should be used. Other cables may cause malfunction during the charging process. DGT advises to use only the enclosed High Quality USB cable in combination with your Bluetooth board.

The red colour of the LED could also be visible when you connect the board to a USB port on your computer. When this occurs than this port may not be able to supply sufficient current to charge the battery properly.

Recommended procedure to charge your board:

  • Use only the mains power adapter (supplied with the DGT e-Board) in combination with the included 2 meter High Quality USB cable.
  • When charging, switch the board off after you have plugged in the USB cable. (The e-Board will automatically switch on after the USB cable has been inserted.
  • The LED should blink orange very shortly, followed by a longer dark period. Depending on the remaining charge of the battery the LED should turn green (blinking) after 6 to 18 hours.
  • The LED will light up constantly when a connection is established with a computer. It is no problem to use the board wireless via a Bluetooth connection same time when the e-Board is being charged with the mains adapter.