DGT Pegasus

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How to calibrate your DGT Pegasus
It is very easy to calibrate the board by switching it OFF, remove the pieces and then keep the ON/OFF button pressed down.
My Pegasus is not responding.
Reset your Pegasus and calibrate the board. Before you do this, make sure Pegasus is fully charged and switched off.
My capture is not recognized by Pegasus.
When capturing pieces, it is important to first lift the piece being captured. After the captured piece is removed from the board, your piece can take its place.
How to connect DGT Pegasus to the app
To use DGT Pegasus with you need an Android device and a account. Make sure DGT Pegasus is turned on.
How long does Pegasus last on a full battery?
The battery life of Pegasus depends on the number of moves per game and how fast you play. On average you can play for about 10 hours on a full charge.
Where can I download the DGT Chess app?
The DGT Chess app is available in the App Store and Google Play.
Does the DGT Chess app also work with other e-Boards?
The DGT Chess app is currently only suitable for connecting Pegasus to online chess platforms.
Can Pegasus also be used with a USB cable instead of Bluetooth?
It is not possible to use Pegasus with a USB cable instead of Bluetooth. The USB-C cable port is only used for charging.
Is Pegasus compatible with the DGT3000 or DGT Pi?
The DGT3000 and DGT Pi are made for use with the DGT Smartboards and e-Boards and cannot be connected to Pegasus.
Can Pegasus be linked to a computer?
DGT Pegasus can be linked with mobile devices equipped with an Android or Apple operating system via Bluetooth.
Can you use DGT Pegasus offline?
Yes, you can play Pegasus against a real-life opponent via the Offline game recorder option.
Which chess platforms are qualified for Pegasus?
Pegasus works with Lichess, Chess for Android, White Pawn and
Is it possible to link Pegasus to two Lichess accounts?
It is not possible to link two Lichess accounts at the same time. You will need to log in to Lichess again if you want to use another account.
Does Pegasus have an engine to play against?
Pegasus has no engine. However, via Pegasus, you can play against the engine of Lichess and Chess for Android (level 1-9).
Where does Pegasus store the PGN of my game?
Played games are saved in the Games section on the bottom section of the DGT Chess App.