There are 14 questions
When will Pegasus be released?
How can I charge DGT Pegasus?
How long can I play chess on the DGT Pegasus with a full battery?
Does the DGT Chess app also work with other e-Boards?
Can I also use Pegasus with a USB cable instead of Bluetooth?
Can the DGT3000 or the DGT Pi be connected to Pegasus?
Can I connect Pegasus to a PC?
On which chess platforms can I play with the DGT Pegasus?
Do I need to have a Lichess or account to play on DGT Pegasus, or can I also play as a guest?
Is it possible to link Pegasus to two Lichess accounts?
Can I also play against a Pegasus engine?
Can I use other chess pieces for Pegasus than the original Pegasus pieces?
Can the Pegasus board detect the difference between the chess pieces?
Where is the PGN of my game stored with Pegasus?