Why is my DGT serial e-Board not recognised by my computer?

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When you use a board with a serial 9 pin (RS232) connector or with a USB to serial converter, you should not forget to connect the external power supply to the serial cable of the Serial e-Board. The serial e-Board requires power to operate and this power is not supplied via the serial port or the USB to serial adapter.

Important note: The electronics of the DGT e-Board could easily be damaged due to reversed polarity of the power wiring. Please make sure that the power polarity of the used adapter is correct. Be sure that no other program is running and using the DGT e-Board when RabbitConnect is started. RabbitConnect can only communicate with one e-Board at the same time. When you are sure that the power is connected correctly and the RabbitConnect driver is installed but there is still no response from the e-Board, please contact DGT support for assistance.