Tournament e-Boards

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Can I use a (very) long USB cable for my DGT e-Board?
The DGT shop has USB extension cables of 5 meter length available. You can cascade at least 2 of these cables and still have a reliable USB connection. These USB extension cables are also available in regular computer shops.
Can I connect a serial e-Board to a computer that has only USB-connections?
Yes you can. You require a qualified Serial-to-USB Converter Cable convertor cable to connect a Serial Tournament e-Board to the USB port of your computer. These converters are standard supplied by DGT in the connection kit for the first board of a string of serial e-Boards.
Why is my DGT serial e-Board not recognised by my computer?
When you use a board with a serial 9 pin (RS232) connector or with a USB to serial converter, you should not forget to connect the external power supply to the serial cable of the Serial e-Board.
Why does my USB-connection show up as a com port?
The DGT USB e-Board has an internal USB to serial converter. The Windows operating system will identify this as a serial COM port. In most cases the text "USB" is added in brackets after the comport number, like COM3 (USB).
Why is DGT not selling tournament boards with serial connections anymore?
We've said goodbye to the old serial connections on our wooden tournament boards. A comprehensive upgrade made the boards faster, smarter, easier to use and future proof.
How to make a tournament set up
Tournament Boards are used at Chess Olympiads, World Chess Championships and all major chess tournaments around the world to show the games live as they happen.
What chess board is used in chess tournaments?
The chess board that is most commonly used in tournaments and championships across the world is the DGT Tournament e-Board Walnut.