DGT Pegasus

Discover the first physical chess board dedicated to online play. DGT Pegasus changes the way people play online chess.

Let's play!

Play on an elegant sensor chessboard, on your favourite chess platforms, against old or new friends and without using any screens.

Order your Pegasus at your local DGT dealer or go to the DGT shop.

Use the app

Use the free DGT Chess app to connect your mobile device with the board. The app then links up with Lichess where you can find 100.000+ real opponents.

It is also possible to play with Pegasus via the Chess for Android app & White Pawn app. You can find both apps in the Google Play Store and/ or App Store.

Note: Chess.com has its own app that works with Pegasus. Chess.com functions with Android mobile devices and not yet with iOS.

No screens, just natural game play

After connecting with an opponent, you can put your phone away and concentrate fully on the board. You will see your opponent's moves via pulsing LED rings on the board.

Product features

  • Creates a PGN to analyse and share
  • Wireless bluetooth chess board
  • Innovative, DGT designed chess pieces
  • Board size: 35 x 35 x 1,9 cm
  • Square size 40 mm
  • King size 70 mm

Innovative, DGT designed chess pieces

Enjoy playing with custom designed weighted chess pieces.


Before first use

Calibrate DGT Pegasus.

  1. Remove all the pieces.
  2. Turn OFF the board if it is switched ON.
  3. Press and hold ON/OFF button. (The four central LEDs start flashing counterclockwise.)
  4. Keep pressing the ON/OFF button. (The four central LEDs will flash rapidly at the same time.)

Calibration is now finished. Pegasus restarts automatically. Let's play!

How to play

First time

  1. Charge if empty.
  2. Get the DGT Chess app.

Second time

  1. Switch on the board.
  2. Place the chess pieces.
  3. Find an opponent via the DGT Chess app.
  4. Start playing.

See the quick guide or the Pegasus manual for more (illustrated) information.

Box contents

  • DGT Pegasus chessboard
  • Designer chess pieces
  • Charging cable
  • Phone standard
  • Compliance sheet
  • DGT Pegasus goody

Pegasus Travel Bag

Whether you're playing in the park, in a cafe or on holiday, the Pegasus Travel Bag* will keep your board, pieces and accessories well protected wherever you go.

black chess board bag with pieces in black and white box