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USB e-Board Rosewood

A USB(C) version of the DGT e-Boards in Rosewood for individual use.

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This board integrates the trusted DGT electronic chess detection in a real wooden chessboard.

The highly reliable piece detection system ensures that no move goes unnoticed.

Product features:

  • Presented in nice gift box.
  • Connects to the computer or tablet using USB(C).
  • Connection set included.
  • Comes with a drawstring bag for your chess pieces.
Board size: 540 x 540 mm (21.3" x 21.3")
Square size: 55 x 55 mm ( 2.2" x 2.2")
Net weight: 4.2 Kg (148 oz.) e-Board only
Gross weight: 4.5 Kg (159 oz.) e-Board, DVD, cables, documentation, drawstring bag
Technical specifications
Matching chess pieces
DGT Plastic e-Pieces and the wooden DGT e-Pieces
Matching clocks
DGT3000 connectable via the included clock cable
Compatible with
DGT Pi chess computer
DVD with DGT driver software, a version of the Fritz chess program and 365 days premium membership on PlayChess.com.
Supplied with USB cable
Supplied via the 3 meter USB (C) cable (included)
2 years

Compatible chess pieces

The USB e-board can be used with the new plastic e-Pieces or the wooden DGT e-Pieces, for example the Timeless Weighted e-Pieces. The chess pieces are sold separately.

Possibilities for use

The USB e-Board can be used in many different ways and on many different platforms. It can be used for recording and broadcasting your games or simply use it as an input device for your PC or DGT Pi Chess Computer, so that you can play, analyse and learn without having to mannually input moves on your screen with a mouse.

Take a look

Your customers only want the best. So feel free to view the USB e-Board Rosewood (in Gift Box) from all angles. You will be amazed.

USB e-Board Rosewood (in Gift Box)

Front view

USB e-Board Rosewood (in Gift Box)

The boards are supplied in a sturdy and practical gift box.

Cables and software

Cables and software included in the gift box are 1 USB(C) cable, a clock cable, a Fritz CD, DGT e-Board software CD.

Drawstring bag

Presented with a soft drawstring bag for your chess pieces.

Black drawnstring bag with logo dgt and clossing cord
Black drawnstring bag with logo dgt and clossing cord


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