Chess Computers

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Where can I buy the retro software for my Revelation II?
The Retro Software can be ordered through your local DGT dealer or through the DGT e-Shop.
Can I use Revelation II as a normal DGT e-Board?
Yes, this is possible.
Can I use the DGT Pi without a DGT e-Board?
The DGT Pi Chess Computer can only be used in combination with a DGT e-Board. It is not possible to manually enter moves into DGT Pi to play against the chess engines included.
Does DGT Centaur have an ELO rating?
With Centaur the ELO rating is not relevant because it adapts its playing strength to your level.
When I play on DGT Centaur, can I see my progress from game to game?
You cannot see your progress in the display. When you start winning more often in Friendly Mode, that is an indication of your progress.
Can I save my game on DGT Centaur?
As long as you do not start a new game, the current game will be saved. You can switch Centaur off and take the pieces of the board and the game will be saved.
Can I connect DGT Centaur to an external device?
DGT Centaur is a standalone chess computer and cannot be connected to a tablet, laptop or PC for data exchange or upgrade. It only connects with the power adapter to charge the internal battery.
How long can I play with DGT Centaur without charging?
You can play many games with a fully charged battery. If you leave the Centaur on continuously, you can play with it for at least 20 hours.
Why is the bottom of DGT Centaur not covered?
The bottom was purposefully left open to show the innovative design, to be more environmentally friendly by using less plastic, and to reduce the weight which also helps to reduce its carbon footprint.
Is it possible to update the DGT Pi software?
It is possible to update the PicoChess software on which the DGT Pi runs. The DGT Pi was released with PicoChess 0.9L, but there are newer versions like PicoChess V3 Lite available that are compatible.