Why do I get 15 minutes in the second period instead of 30 minutes as written on the bottom of the clock?

Important: This article applies only to option 19 on DGT2010 clocks with serial numbers starting with D1708 or earlier. Note that the prefix of the serial number indicates the week and year in which the product was produced. D1708 means week 17 in the year 2008.

The print on the bottom of the clocks from above batch states that the timing system for option 19 is 90 minutes followed by 30 minutes (with 30 bonus seconds per move). The actual timing system programmed in the clock as intended however is for 90 minutes followed by 15 minutes (with 30 seconds per move). This is correctly written in the manual but unfortunately the wrong description of option 19 was printed on the bottom of the clock in above mentioned batch. The bottom prints on all clocks with later serial numbers were rectified and show the correct text.

Note that the upgraded DGT2010 version, or DGT2010 Second Generation as it is sometimes called, which was released in 2010 and has blue front buttons to distinguish it from the previous DGT2010 model, does have a pre-set option for 90 minutes followed by 30 minutes (with 30 bonus seconds per move). DGT2010 clocks with the blue buttons have serial number prefix D3410 and later. In addition to other improvements the option 90 min f.b. 30 min (with 30 bonus seconds per move) was added to these clocks because it became a fashionable setting in FIDE tournaments.

To set a timing method with 90 minutes followed by 30 minutes, 30 seconds bonus per move in clocks that do not have this as a pre-set option, option 21 should be used:

  • Set 1:30.00 on the left side (the seconds appear after the minutes have been accepted) and 1:30.00 on the right side.
  • Set 0.30 in the next stage, this is the Bonus time for both players during the whole game.
  • After accepting the bonus a "1" appears on the left and 00 on the right, this is the move counter. Leave this on 00 to comply wiht FIDE regulations, the time for the next time control will be added for both players on the same time wenn the first reaches zero time.
  • Next a "2" appears left, indicating the second time control. Set the time for both players simultaniously on 0:30.00.
  • Then the move counter "00" is displayed, you cannot alter this when you first chose 00 in the first time control setting.
  • After this press and hold the button to skip the next settings until you see  ►|| in the center of the display.

The clock is now ready to start with a 90 min f.b. 30 min + 30 sec/move Bonus.



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