Age 8+
Number of players 2-8
Normal duration 3 hours



Monopoly is a classic real estate game, published in many editions. Buy properties, build houses and hotels and collect rent from fellow players. The game ends when every player but one (the winner) is bankrupt. For more information see this link.

CUBE TIP: Decision time

CUBE mode Move timer
Advised time 20 seconds per turn

Use the move timer to set a limit on thinking time for each turn. Within this time players have to decide what action to take. Also other players need to claim rent within that time.

CUBE TIP: Slow player penalty / quick player reward

CUBE mode Game timer
Advised time 5-10 minutes

Your turn should start the moment you roll the dice. With the game timer counting down, the faster a player completes his turns, the more turns he can complete before his time is up.  The slowest player will notice that his side of the CUBE reaches zero first. The fastest player will have the most time remaining. When paying or waiting to receive money you should pause the game, preventing other players from influencing your game time.

You can punish the slowest player:

  • pay an extra tax of 10.000 / 20.000.
  • go directly to  jail.

Or reward faster players:

  • the fastest player goes directly to start.
  • each player receives 1000 for each 10 seconds of remaining time.

After the time is up your can restart the CUBE with the same settings to repeat this. Depending on your time settings you can have multiple punish / rewards moment in one game.

CUBE TIP: Price inflation

CUBE mode Turn counter
Advised time N/A

For each player house prices rise the moment his turn counter reaches its limit. For instance: after every 20 turns: house prizes and penalties for visiting other players’ property double. This will put all players to a great challenge of earning enough money to cope with rising costs.  Players will be more easily eliminated, reducing the duration of the game. Instead of double prices you may want to choose less drastic rules for price inflation.

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