How do I set up a Bluetooth connection with the UCI server?

If you haven't already installed a Bluetooth dongle (Bluetooth USB stick) or if you do not have a built in Bluetooth radio in your computer, you need to instert a Bluetooth stick first in a free USB port of your computer.

All Windows versions from Windows XP will recognize the device. Please do not install the software that came with your Bluetooth dongle. The built in Windows software performs better with the DGT products.

Windows 8

In Windows 8 you can use the Charms menu on the right side of the Tile Start interface and choose "Settings". From this list select "Change PC Settings".


Then choose Devices and "Add a device":


After a short while a list will be shown wit hte devices found. Please ensure your Revelation II is switched on so it can be recognized.


For users who are used to the Windows 7 Desktop interface it is recommended to open the Control Panel by just typing the word in the Tile interface and then click or tap on the icon.


From this moment the procedure is similar to the Windows 7 procedure.

Windows 7

Be sure your Bluetooth USB dongle is inserted or your built in Bluetooth functionality is active and your Revelation II is switched on. Then open the control panel and choose "View devices and printers".


Click on the "Add a device" button. Windows will show the Bluetooth devices within range:


Click on the PCS-REVII-010XXX. The 010XXX represent the serial number of your Revelation II. Then click on the "Next" button. Windows 7 may show some options first. Choose the second option: Enter the device's pairing code.

The passcode of a Revelation II is "1234" (without the quotationmarks).


Windows will create 2 Virtual COM ports of which you only need one. It is strongly recommended to remove the incoming port as follows:

- Right click on the Bluetooth device in the "Devices and Printers" window.

- Choose Bluetooth Settings.

- Remove the incoming port (the numbers in the image may be different on your computer).


You will end up with a window like this:


Close all windows and remember the COM port number for use with the UCI server.

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