Army of Frogs


Age 7+
Number of players 2-4
Normal duration 35 minutes



In Army of Frogs you have to connect all your frog tiles by jumping them around in the playing field. The first player who has at least 7 frogs of his color in play and can connect them all together wins the game. For a more detailed description of the game and how it is normally played click here.


CUBE mode Move timer plus save
Advised time 15 seconds per move

In each turn the player performs three actions. 1: Pick one of your frogs to jump across the playing field. 2: Place another frog. 3: Get another frog out of the bag. Using the move timer you have to perform the first two actions within the set time. When your time is up you have to stop your turn. If this means that you were still thinking about the 1st action, jumping with one of your frogs, your whole turn has gone to waste. If you already performed the first action and you ran out of time while thinking about your 2nd action you only lose the chance to add an extra frog to the game. When you did not have the time to place an extra frog on the table, the next player gets to place one of your frogs before starting his turn. The 3rd action, stacking your hand with an extra frog can be performed outside of the time limit.

This game gets more complicated as the number of frog tiles on the table grows; therefore it is best to use the move-timer save mode. This way you can save up time with the easier moves at the start of the game. This extra time will come in handy when thinking about more difficult decisions you have to make later on in the game.

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