Do you have a question about our DGT products? In the FAQ you will find quick and easy answers to most of your questions. If you can't figure it out, you can of course also call us.

There are 71 questions
Which timing option do DGT clocks have?
Where can I buy a DGT clock?
Which 'extra time per move' methods are there?
Which fun timing methods are there?
Can I use my DGT clock for Scrabble®?
Where can I buy a DGT e-Board?
Can I use the DGT e-Board with Windows?
How does a DGT e-Board store game information?
Can I use a (very) long USB cable for my DGT e-Board?
Can I convert a wired e-Board into a bluetooth e-Board?
Why does the position of the pieces on screen not match with the actual position on the board?
Can I use the e-Board with Mac OS, iOS, Linux or Android?
Can I use battery power for the e-Board?
Can I connect a serial e-Board to a computer that has only USB-connections?
Why is my DGT serial e-Board not recognised by my computer?
Why does my USB-connection show up as a com port?
Why do the Bluetooth LED lights turn red while charging?
What was changed within the Bluetooth e-Board firmware?
Does RabbitPlugin work on a Mac OS?
Should I use the 32 or 64 bit version of the DGT RabbitPlugin?
How can I merge two or more PGN files into one PGN file?
How can I retrieve stored games from the memory of my board?
Where can I buy the retro software for my Revelation II?
Can I use Revelation II as a normal DGT e-Board?
Can I use the DGT Pi without a DGT e-Board?
Does DGT Centaur have an ELO rating?
When I play on DGT Centaur, can I see my progress from game to game?
Can I save my game on DGT Centaur?
Can I connect DGT Centaur to an external device?
How long can I play with DGT Centaur without charging?
Why is the bottom of DGT Centaur not covered?
With which chess boards does the DGT Chess app work?
Where can I register my DGT product?
What are DGT Boards?
Where are DGT electronic boards used?
How are DGT electronic boards used?
What are DGT electronic DGT boards?
How to calibrate your DGT Pegasus
My Pegasus is not responding.
My capture is not recognized by Pegasus.
How to connect DGT Pegasus to the chess.com app
How long does Pegasus last on a full battery?
Where can I download the DGT Chess app?
Does the DGT Chess app also work with other e-Boards?
Can Pegasus also be used with a USB cable instead of Bluetooth?
Is Pegasus compatible with the DGT3000 or DGT Pi?
Can Pegasus be linked to a computer?
Can you use DGT Pegasus offline?
Which chess platforms are qualified for Pegasus?
Is it possible to link Pegasus to two Lichess accounts?
Does Pegasus have an engine to play against?
Where does Pegasus store the PGN of my game?
What's a DGT Smart Board?
Smart Board applications and setups
What's a DGT USB e-Board?
What's a DGT Tournament e-Board?
Why is DGT not selling tournament boards with serial connections anymore?
How to make a tournament set up
All about Bluetooth e-Boards
Where can I find a DGT service center?
Why can't I win from the DGT Centaur?
Is it possible to update the DGT Pi software?
Can the DGT2500 be used for tournaments?
Can I connect the DGT2500 with my e-Board?
What settings can I choose from with the DGT2500?
How long do the batteries of the DGT2500 last?
What are the improvements of the DGT2500 over its predecessor, the DGT2010?
What is the significance of the DGT2500 being the official FIDE Chess Clock?
What chess board is used in chess tournaments?
Can I play position setup in Fritz/Chessbase with a DGT board?
Why does my DGT Bluetooth board not get detected in Windows 11?